workshop of acrobatic yoga by Deirdre Murphy (Ireland)

October 13-16 ‘2011



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Never before have my yoga classes been so filled with laughter and sociability. If Yoga means union, then Acrobatic yoga is a union with community. Acrobatic yoga is extremely body friendly, sociable and fun. We use the practices of yoga, acrobatics and thai massage based body work in a solo, partner and group practice.  Much of the partner work is focused around “L basing” – one person on their back, legs up, with their partner flying on the feet. We will practise asana sequences, inversions, acrobatic and therapeutic flying.


While this workshop is very suitable for all levels of practitioners, those with a background of

contact improvisation, dance, gymnastics, martial arts and related work might particularly thrive. This workshop can revive the sensations of your body, strengthen your physical base in dancing,

deepen trust and develop a common language between yourself and your partners.

Come enjoy this invigorating and joyful practice! 


video of acroyoga (we’ll start from the basics)                                    

par akrobātiskās jogas pamatprincipiem (LV)                                    

shortly- what is Acrobatic yoga (wikipedia)                                    



Deirdre Murphy

is a professional dancer, yoga teacher, aerialist, acrobat, vocalist, improviser and general physical adventurer. Originally from Alaska, she lived, taught and worked throughout the US before settling in Ireland with her family.

More about Deirdre:



Thursday, October 13th &#124 18.30-20.30

Class 1 – introduction to therapeutic flying. We will learn to work with partners (a base, a flier and a spotter) in L basing, and establish a therapeutic sequence to be used to the duration of the workshop

[There is an opportunity of contact improvisation jam session right after: 20:30-22:00]

Friday, October 14th &#124 18.30-20.30

Class 2 –  deepening therapeutic flying, and progression into acrobatic flying (i.e. shoulderstands, turns and transitions)

Saturday, October 15th &#124 11.00-13.00 and 14.30-16.30 

Classes 3  and 4 – both sessions will begin with body work. The first one includes sequence building within flying, the position “Star”, and will explore transitions in and out of star

The  next class will include a dance-based, ground level warm up. We will move into partnering which moves- including the forms of basing/flying that might flow into contact improvisation and dance

Sunday, October 16th &#124 11.00-13.30

Class 5 – we will begin with body work before proceeding into more acrobatic flying. We will review what has come in the previous few days, and start to build a ‘washing machine’ (a sequence of 2 or more moves which loop around and are repeatable). We will move into a jam series, where practitioners can freely practise flying, or experiement with bringing skills into a more flowing improvisation



I-DEJAS MAJA, culture centre of dance and personality

Riga, 32b Rūpniecības street, 2nd floor (enter from the yard)

map for easier finding us


Take with you

comfortable cloths for comfortable movement (better tight than loose)

yoga matt, if you have one (there are some at the studio)

towel, if you’d like to take a shower after

drinking water is at the studio 


full course: 50Ls &#124 with early registration* till September 19th -20% (40Ls)
discount for the couples: full course for both: 85Ls &#124 with early registration for both- 75Ls
fee for the separate class- 12Ls &#124 Saturday, Sunday is open only for those with previous experience in acroyoga

* – non refundable registration fee (25Ls) guarantees you the place in the workshop, and is part of the whole workshop fee

    Information for the transfer:

        Name: I-DEJAS MĀJA 40008152105 LV86HABA0551027512907

        Information for the receiver: AcrobaticYoga meistarklase (name, surname of the participant)



Inese &#124 inese[at] &#124 +371 29137826









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