Already for the 29th year

the whole world celebrates

the International Dance day

on April 29th


It was founded by UNESCO CID

for everybody and anybody

to pay attention to the dance,

take a moment to think of it's mission

and celebrate it's given joviality


People who think that "dance is not for me"

are especially welcome to take part and try out!

Come and check if maybe something will change in your belief! 😉

Well, in short- just come and take the friends with you and let's have a festivity of dancing by dancing!



we were celebrating this special day with the center of dance and personal growth I-DEJAS MAJA right at the Dance day's real date by having a party, learning salsa steps with I-DEJAS MAJA's salsa teacher and the winner of the largest salsa festival of the Baltics "Baltic Salsa Show Cup 2011" Janis Trubacs-Boginskis,watching capoeira danceoriginally coming from Brazil, Indian classical dance from India, contemporary dance born in USA, Latvian dance video and the sketch of the dance choreography by lasts year's students of Choreography course of Culture Academy of Latvia as well as videodance "Spogulis" ("Mirror") by I-DEJA creative group. There was also the competition of the best decorated barefoot (congratulations to Inta!!) that won 3 free salsa classes at I-DEJAS MAJA, eating our own taken snacks from the common titbit table, talks about the dance and- dancing the dance.

Taking part- no fee and no footwear


take a look at the pfotos from this great event! (Facebook)



on May 1st, continuing the celebration of contemporary Dance day,

come to take part in 3 dance classes at I-DEJAS MAJA,

on the same principle- no fee and no footwear:

        10:00-11:00 Contemporary dance with fantastic Lilija Lipora,

        11:30-12:30 Contact improvization with wonderful Gunta Zaļaiskalna,

        13:00-14:00 Jazz dance with marvellous Kristiana Cimermane

Take with you: comfortable wear for comfortable moving


Everything happens at I-DEJAS MAJA, 32b Rūpniecības street,

entering from the yard, 2nd floor &#124 map for easier finding




Take a look on all the dance classes that are being led at I-DEJAS MAJA

and what else is going on there!

Take a look on animated contemporary dance video and inspire to come!

















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