Ballet/Ballet Pilates (English)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have full control over your body? To be able to control every movement with effortless grace, to feel like you own the space around you. Let’s learn to feel that way! And let’s have fun in the process!
Contacts, registration:
Lauma Berga | | 28334089

The Classes
The teacher says: “My main goal with Ballet/Ballet Pilates class is to make you feel great, happy, beautiful, healthy and strong. To give you a platform where you truly can be yourself, but also where you can challenge yourself in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Let’s celebrate little “everyday victories” together!
In the classes, I will combine a nice deal of special Pilates exercises, which were created for dancers, together with ballet basics. We will start slowly but surely and over time will learn to understand and most important to love this form of self expression

FB page: BalletatIDEJASMAJA

Videos for your inspiration:
Wonderful example of exercises created for dancers by Scottish Ballet
Example of how these exercises can be integrated into ballet class by Scottish Ballet
Barre for beginners by Kimberley Berkin

Lauma Berga: “In 2016 I graduated from the Dutch National Ballet Academy (Amsterdam University of Arts) receiving a Bachelor’s degree and four job offers in New York, Helsinki, Vilnius and St. Petersburg.
Have since worked with the Finnish National Ballet and Hong Kong Ballet, where I have had the honour to work with many world renowned choreographers.
I have participated in countless projects, competitions (both as a dancer and a jury member) and have taught masterclasses at those competitions

I-DEJAS MĀJA, Rīga, Lāčplēša str. 60, 2nd floor
Map for easier finding

Thursday’s classes- in English | Wednesdays- in Latvian.
Classes can be tought in Russian as well, when necessary

Take with you
Comfortable sports or dance wear, not too baggy. Hair done up so it doesn’t get in your way. Socks or ballet slippers, your own yoga mat if you like (there are some that can be borrowed)

This is adult class but teenagers are welcome to join.
There is absolutely no experience required, however those with any level of preavious experience will undoubtedly find something new, interesting and challenging too.
You can join in at any time!

One class: 12€
Subscription for 4 classes (can be used within time of 6 classes): 40€
Subscription for 8 classes (can be used within time of 10 classes): 80€

By the way
I do offer private classes for children or adults, beginners or experienced dancers. The price for a private class is 30€

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