Riga, 60 Lacplesa street, 2nd floor

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there are more than 20 activities for adults, as well as for children

at the independent center of dance and personality I-DEJAS MAJA

dance classes, workshops and activities for healthy life balance and the personal growth

the principle of I-DEJAS MAJA: simplicity and professionalism in elegant and cozy space

the name I-DEJAS MAJA comes from the play of two words: deja = dance, ideja = idea

    – the dances that come from idea, the ideas that come from dances


Most of the class descriptions are in Latvian, as most of the classes are led in Latvian, though many teachers are responsive to speak English and other languages they know to give the best

If you wish to make sure if the teacher of your chosen activity speaks English, take a look in the description of the class to see it (under „valoda”)






– a beautiful article based on scientific researches



Whom are the classes of I-DEJAS MAJA meant for? – for the people who wish to enjoy the dance and develop through their bodily movement. The classes and workshops are mostly for adults, but we have some creative and developing activities for children as well. In a way we give beautiful, dancelike alternative to fitness and light and easy alternative to the therapy this way giving light and easy touch to advance the personality who visits us.

Although the teachers of I-DEJAS MAJA are professionals, the classes and workshops are meant for simple ‘everyday’ person who wishes to enrich the life with creative and developing activities.

Every now and then people ask us- may people without preliminary knowledge come? We answer- yes, off course. Because the mission of the dance since its very beginning is enhancing the joy in the world


What actually is the independent centre of dance and personality I-DEJAS MĀJA?

Its an association of professional teachers teamed up in one space. The nature of the association „I-DEJAS MĀJA” is to achieve common goals, not profits. We are not sponsored, we manage to live without governmental support; we donate and collect the donations for the things needed to improve our environment. Looks like we could carry on like this! 🙂


When did it start?

The idea of the project had its beginning at 2005 but it’s crystallized result- at the end of 2008. The independent centre of dance and personality I-DEJAS MĀJA started it’s regular activities on January 5th ‘2009 – there were 9 different classes led by 8 teachers. Now we are more than 20 teachers offering you more than 30 classes and workshops.

I-DEJAS MAJA has gained it’s popularity mostly thanks to the ‘promotion heard from a friend’ that only tells about the good quality of the classes, professional and nice teachers, the creativity of the offered choice of the classes and what has been heard over and over again- simply fantastic atmosphere


Do you rent your space? Yes, there are three beautiful dance studios for rent. Contact Inese, the manager of the studio, for the available time


Look the historical pictures of how I-DEJAS MĀJA turned into reality! 🙂